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Buzzcuts - $10

Hair trimmed to 3/8 inch or less all over with clippers, includes tapering around neck and ears. Does not include fades, high-in-tights, "leave the top alone" cuts, undercuts or flat tops.

Regular Cut - $15

Clipper cut on sides and back. Clipper or shear cutting of the top. Top lengths of 4 inches or less

Fade - $17.00

Standard, low, medium, or high zero fades. Top hair lengths of 4 inches or less. Does not include Mohawk or Faux Hawk fades.

Specialty Cut - $19.00

To include (but not limited to): Top lengths over 4 inches, side and back hair lengths over 1 inch, Mohawks, Faux Hawks, specialty mullets & drastic fades. For these cuts, any combination of clipper and/or shear cutting will be used, at the barber’s discretion.

Beard Trims

Short Beard/Goatee Trims - $6.00

Freshening up of the jaw line, neckline and overall shape of beard/goatee and mustache. Maintaining already established shape. Overall length is no greater than 3/8 inch.

Long Beard/Goatee Trims - $10.00

Shaping of long beard/goatee and mustache. Establishing a jawline, neckline and mustache. With parts greater than 3/8 inch. Specialty shaping.

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